In the Media

Cleveland Rolfing® has been featured in the media —

In June 2018, I chatted with the delightful Katie Tackett on Muse Room, her great  podcast. Use this link to listen. Katie is a natural interviewer who easy on the ears, and has a great way about her. I regularly check for her latest interview because I learn something new from each episode.

Local journalist Zach Lewis featured Cleveland Rolfing twice in 2016 after his sister, who is an acupuncturist in NY state, suggested Rolfing to solve his chronic shoulder trouble. We did!  Stretching Out – Rolfing  and 2016 Year in Review – #7 Rolfing.

In 2015, Liberated Body asked me to write a summary (link here) of the Acupuncture, Oncology and Fascia conference at Harvard University, part of the Fourth International Fascial Research Congress. The gifted -and lovely! – Brooke Thomas, then the host of Liberated Body, is a Rolfer in CT / NYC,  and co-hosts the essential Bliss & Grit podcast.

In 2012, I was interviewed on Radio Free Palmer on a show called Bridge to Everywhere, hosted by two Five Element acupuncturists who were (and remain) deeply committed to education.  The interview is one hour and five minutes. Our discussion ranges from the history of Rolfing to a terrific overview of Rolfing in practice.  We discuss why people hire Rolfers, and  why good acupuncturists refer to Rolf ™ SI.  Note that at the time of this interview my practice was exclusively based in Palmer (Matanuska-Susitna Valley) Alaska. Episode fun fact: Samantha Berg shared her prior-to-acupuncture experience in  movie Blackfish (2013)!


People frequently ask me about spending two decades in Alaska. Before I trained at the Rolf Institute, in the summer of 2001 I traveled down the Copper River for the first time. Listen to Living on Earth’s radio show of our adventure.  Biophilia is a great word, right? The episode lasts about twenty minutes. Episode fun fact #1: Today, Megan Holloway Danz is a gifted naturopathic physician in Palmer AK.  Episode fun fact #2: Dune Lankard was awarded the Ashoka Fellowship in 2006 for his work in the Copper River region.