Dr Rolf wanted Rolf® Structural Integration practitioners to consider themselves teachers. In this spirit, I am offering a series of Experiential Anatomy Labs for curious people to discover how the body is actually built, and to feel your parts in relationship.

Due to COVID 19, classes have been cancelled and will be offered again when our condition changes.

Four Sundays in April and May join me at Cleveland City Dance on Shaker Square for this fun learning lab.

Each class is organized to guide you to experience the relationships among your anatomical parts, so that you have more choices to live without pain and strain.  

We’ll learn how our bones and joints and soft tissue (connective tissue/fascia!) work together throughout our body through movement. Each month we’ll explore a different aspect of anatomy.

Sunday March 22nd, we’ll nerd out with our base of support with learning and experiencing the relationships between the feet, knees and hips. What we learn from our look at anatomy and function will help us make better footwear choices, and may change the way we walk and stand, for greater ease. We’ll work with simple movement cues to respond to pain and to reduce stress at any moment. Use this link to sign up.

Sunday April 5, we’ll nerd out about our torso, our visceral space and how it rotates with our natural movement. We’ll explore the anatomy of the hips, the belly area, ribs and shoulders. From this exploration you may change your relationship with your daily bag/purse, your luggage, your favorite chair or your computer. We’ll also explore ways to sit and how to undo the stiffness we often experience after being seated for long periods. Use this link to sign up.

Sunday April 26, we’ll nerd out by putting the head on top! Your head has 22 bones. They move with every breath! You also have some convenience built into the system so that you can monitor your environment. We’ll explore the anatomy of the neck and head, then link it with the inherent movement of breathing. We’ll also engage some movement exploration. Use this link to sign up.

Sunday May 17, we’ll celebrate Dr Ida Rolf’s birthday by having a lab for women! We’ll nerd out on women’s anatomy, movement, and awareness. Ladies change shape throughout life, even if we don’t make and deliver new people. Learn information so that you can live peacefully within your skin as you age gracefully.  Use this link to sign up.